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University & College Dried Flower Resources
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Maine Dried Flower & Other Links

North Wind Pottery Links.  A Maine business with a comprehensive link directory to Arts and Crafts.

Creative Ladies.  Custom slipcovers, pillows, window treatments, home and office decorating.


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University & College Dried Flower Resources

Dried and Fresh-Cut Flowers.  NDSU Extension Service, North Dakota State University.

Dry Flowers For Fun Decorations.  Office of Agricultural Communications, Mississippi State University.

Drying and Preserving Flowers and Plant Materials for Decorative Use.  Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Drying and Preserving Plant Materials.  University of Florida IFAS Extension.

Drying Flowers.  Aggie Horticulture Network.  Texas A & M University.

Drying Flowers.  University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Drying Flowers.  Cornell University.

Drying Flowers.  Home & Garden Information Center, Clemson Extension.

Drying Flowers.  University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension.

Drying Flowers.  Environmental Horticulture, University of Florida.

Drying Flowers and Foliage for Arrangements.  University of Missouri Extension.

Drying Flowers from Your Garden.  Colorado State University.

Drying Flowers in a Microwave.  Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech.

Methods of Preserving Flowers.  North Dakota State University Extension Service.

Ornamental Grasses.  Colorado State University Cooperative Extension - Horticulture.


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Dried Flower Information Links

Dried Flowers Galore.  A complete dried flowers resource.

Sustainable Cut Flower Production.  Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas ( ATTRA).

Dried Flowers:  Arranging and Drying Flowers & Greenery.  By bevfabriccrafts.


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Dried Flower Internet Resource Directories

Dyna Flowers Resource Directory.  A comprehensive Flower Directory and Information Resource.

GT Flowers.

The Flower Expert.  Dried flower arrangements, pressed flower pictures and potpourri.

Preserved Gardens Pressed Flowers Arts and Crafts.

DirectoryFlower.com.  The largest online florist directory link to flower resources and information websites.


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Dried Flower Forums and Discussion Websites

Dried and Pressed Flower Forum.  Garden Web.

Garden and Flower Craft Forum.  Garden Web.


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Dried Flower Books and Literature

Agnew, Nancy H. and Naeve, Linda. "Growing and Drying Everlasting Flowers," PM1398, Ames: Iowa State University Extension Service, July 1990.

Bird, Lindy.  "Dried Flowers: A Complete Guide,  Amazon.co.uk.

Gertley, Jan and Gertley, Michael.  "Dried Flowers for All Seasons: Creating the Fresh-Flower Look Year-Round", Amazon.com.

Miller, Cathy and Gray, Rob.  "Harvesting, Preserving & Arranging Dried Flowers", Amazon.com.

Olson, Beverly and Lazzara, Judy. Country Flower Drying, New York: Sterling Publishing Company, 1988.

Smith, Ronald C. "Methods of Preserving Flowers," Fargo: North Dakota State University Extension Service, April 1992.

Sterbenz, Carol Endler and Felber, Richard.  "The Complete Book of Dried Flower Topiaries: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating 25 Stunning Arrangements", Amazon.com.

Thorpe, Patricia. Everlastings: The Complete Book of Dried Flowers, New York: Facts on File Publications, 1985.

Books About Dried Flowers.  FetchBook.co.uk.


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Links to Flowers, Floral Services, and Other Miscellaneous Topics

Flower Greetings and E-Cards.  www.flower-greetings.com.

Virtual Flowers Greeting Cards.  123 Greetings.

MorPoppy.com.  Exotic botanicals and dried poppy pods from Arizona.

Whazzit? Name That Flower.  A application that runs on your electronic device that identifies different types of flowers - iPad, iPhone and iPod.


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Online Floral Services and Florists

Boston Blooms.  An Online Boston florist offering fresh flower delivery in the Greater Boston area.

Flowers Toronto.  Flower Creations is a reliable source for buying flowers online.

FlowerListing.com.  This florist directory provides detailed links flower resource, florist information, online ordering, delivery, gifts and more

Online Florist Reviews.  Provides a listing of the online florists that offer next day delivery nationally.

Vegetable Seeds.  The best vegetable seeds on sale at Eden Brothers. Our collection of vegetable seeds includes tomato seeds, pumpkin seeds, carrot seeds, onion seeds, pepper seeds, cucumber seeds, lettuce seeds, beet seeds, melon seeds, squash seeds, broccoli seeds and more.

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Other Links

Travel-Maine.Info.  A comprehensive guide to vacationing and traveling in Maine.

Bookkeepers Plus - Training, Accounting, and Bookkeeping Services for Maine.  Bookkeeping and accounting services for central and southern Maine small businesses.  Training in bookkeeping and QuickBooks.

Books on Inspiration.

Travel information for Maine - lodging, dining, attractions, and vacations.

Cliff Friberg & Associates.  Providing quality carpentry, renovation, remodeling, painting, dry wall and construction services to the Mid-Coast Maine region.

North Pownal General Store.  A country store in Pownal, Maine providing groceries, beer, wine, sandwiches, pizza, breakfast, lunch and "hunters breakfast"

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