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Magazine and News Articles About Dried Flowers

January 10, 2010.  "Drying Flowers in Midcoast Maine".  Cedar Holm Garden Bay Inn.

November 23, 2009.  "Making wreaths isn't quite the snap it appears to be".  Maine

November 6, 2009.  "Potpourri naturally scents your home".  Tribune Chronicle.

November 3, 2009.  "Weaving wreaths for fun -- and profit".  Palo Alto Online.

October 31, 2009.  "How to make a Decorative Indian Cornhusk Wreath".  The Gardeners Rake.

October 15, 2009.  "Make a fall floral arrangement from nature's supplies".

October 14, 2009.  "Gardening: Dry-flower arrangements a snap".

October 13, 2009.  "Pressed Flowers and Leaves".  Crafty Saffy Paper Crafts.

October 30, 2008.  "Preserving memories . . . my sisters wedding".  Alchemyfineliving's Weblog.

October 28, 2009.  "Making Dried Flower Wreaths".  Crafts, Crafts, and Crafts . . .

October 28, 2009.  "How To Make Dried Flowers Yourself?"  Gardening Tips.

September 26, 2008.  "How To Make A Splash With Dried Flowers".

August 21, 2008.  "How To Make Dried Flowers Yourself?"

July 29, 2008.  "Dried flower wreath - Making a dried cascade wedding bouquet".

June 30, 2008.  "Flower Arrangement - How to Make a May Day Head Wreath".

May 24, 2008.  "Drying Fresh Cut Flowers".

May 22, 2008.  "Dried flower wreath: Make a door wreath with dried hydrangea".  Dried Flower Wedding

May 18, 2008.  "Family flower fun - - make the most of spring with these ideas".  Abilene Reporter News.

May 18, 2008.  "Scent your home with natural sachets".  Chicago Tribune.

May 10, 2008.  "Dried flowers keep beauty".  The Advertiser.

April 26, 2008.  "Drying Flowers Using the Silica Method".

March 18, 2008.  "Air Dry Flowers: How to Air dry Flowers".  By

March 9, 2008.  "Drying Flowers for Crafts".  akiko.

October 21, 2007.  "Unique Flower Arrangements".

October 16, 2007.  "Crafting with Gourds".  Nova News Now.

October 15, 2007.  "Preserve Your Summer - How to Dry Flowers".  Turkey Creek Lane.

October 14, 2007.  "Pumpkin patch primed and ready with variety".  Use for dried flowers as vase.  Daily Herald.

October 13, 2007.  "All you need, provided by nature".  Seattle Times Home and Garden.

October 12, 2007.  "Making Dried Flower Wreaths".  Home-Family

October 11, 2007.  "The gourd life".  Little orbs of autumn offer big-time fun.  The Erie-Times.

October 8, 2007.  "How To Dry And Wax Flowers In Winter".  Sallys Gardening Tips.

October 6, 2007.  "How to Naturally Dry Hydrangeas".  A natural high.

October 6, 2007.  "Design sun dried or burnt flower petals".

October 5, 2007.  "Linens From My Grandma's Closet".  Or how sachets of lavender keep the closet smelling nice . . . Home Ec 101 Blog.

October 4, 2007.  "Halloween Decorating Tips".  Creativity with silk flowers.

September 30, 2007.  "Preserving Dried Flowers - Few Tips for Best Results".  by brianne jotes weblog.

September 30, 2007.  "Decorating Your Wedding With Flower Arrangements - Part Two".  elbertine weblog.

September 28, 2007.  "Autumn Beauty".  Ideas for fall decorating.  Annie's Blog.

September 27, 2007.  "There's more to do in October than rake leaves.  It's planning season".  The Monthly Gardener, The LA Times.

September 26, 2007.  "Potpourri Gifts: A Special Gifting Concept".  roscoe jotes blog.

September 26, 2007.  "Make A Stunning Dried Hydrangea Wreath".  By Valerie Garner, Friendster Blogs.

September 26, 2007.  "Misunderstood goldenrods signify the end of summer".  The Camden Chronicle.

September 25, 2007.  "Autumn on the doorstep".  Some ideas on how to decorate the front porch.  The Vine/Carla Allen.

September 25, 2007.  "Lavender: Nature's Extraordinary Secret".  PR Urgent.

September 24, 2007.  "The Flower Drying Game - Part 2: Sand or Glycerin?"  Brilliant Corners Blog.

September 24, 2007.  "How to Preserve Your Crop of Fresh Herbs".  Need-Info Herbs.

September 23, 2007.  "Unique Flower Arrangements".  jeanmichelriebl's Xange Site.

September 23, 2007.  "Making Flower Arrangements".  russell notes weblog.

September 22, 2007.  "Fresh or dried, hydrangeas hold up well".  The Seattle Times.

September 22, 2007.  "Herbs make a savory addition to the garden and the cooking".  South Coast Today.

September 21, 2007.  "I wish we'd had Bill Oddie's nest camera".  The Shetland Times.

September 20, 2007.  "Hollyhocks provided hours of fun: Childhood in Central Indiana meant creating colorful dolls from nature".  The Indianapolis Star.

September 19, 2007.  "Allergy sufferers give goldenrod a bad rap".  The Clarion-Ledger.

September 15, 2007.  "September renews gardener's motivation".  The Shreveport Times.

September 14, 2007.  "Marin Master Gardener" Late-summer gardens beckon with lots of color".  Marin Independent Journal.

September 13, 2007.  "Fall offers exciting palette for flower arrangements".  Montgomery Advertiser.

September 1, 2007.  "Branch out in the dining room".  North Jersey Media Group.

September 8, 2007.  "Add color to winter garden".  STL Today - Garden.

September 7, 2007.  "Get to the root system to rid garden of invasive plants".  Nashua Telegraph.

September 7, 2007.  "Lavender is a multi-purpose herb".  Pike County News.

September 6, 2007.  "Dried flowers and leaves beautifully embellish cards, bookmarks".

September 2, 2007.  "Corn is the story of the year!"  Times Recorder.

September 2, 2007.  "Branching out: Display nature's more humble botanicals as fall-color bouquets".  The Cincinnati Post.

August 27, 2007.  "Spice Up Your Home For Fall".  Kingwood News.

June/July, 2007.  "Country Lore: Create Dried Flower Botanical Plates".  Mother Earth News.

August 17, 2005.  "Time to start thinking about drying flowers".

May 29, 2005.  "The Power of a Dried Flower".  US News and World Report.

November 23, 2004.  "Five simple Thanksgiving decoration ideas". Easy to make, easy on the eye.  By June Hu, Silver Chips Online.

October 28, 2004.  "Decorate the yard for the holidays".  The Daily News.

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