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 Also has dried larkspur, achillea and nigella oriental ad accents of green bracken fern.
18th Myrtle Wreath with with Dried Flowers.

 NEW Fragrant 18" Round OREGON MYRTLE With FLOWERS Bracken Fern ACHILLEA Nigella Oriental WREATH

Pumpkin Fall Wreath.

 Pumpkin Fall Wreath - Assorted (16")

Pussy Willow Wreath.

 18" Pussy Willow Wreath

  18" Dried Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Myrtle, Pennyroyal
Fragrance Plus Wreath.

 NEW 18" Round FRAGRANCE PLUS Sweet Annie LAVENDER Pennyroyal MYRTLE Rosemary WREATH

18" Wreath with Hydrangea, Fern, and Pink Roses
Rustic Rose Wreath.

 18" Rustic Rose Wreath

 Dried Mossy Twig Autumn Wreat - Fall Door Wreath
Mossy Twig Wreath.

 18" Mossy Twig Wreath

  Shades of Basil Wreath, Recommended for inside use.
Shades of Basil Wreath.

 18" Shades of Basil Wreath

 14 inch diameter, raffia, natural shelss. Wire hanger on the top for easy hanging.
Seashore Wreath.

 Starfish & Nautilus Shell Seashore Wreath New

24 inch Berry Wreath.
Berry Wreath.

 Arty Imports Berry Wreath 24" Fall Empire

 Cherry Nut / Fruit Wreath. 24 inch diameter.
Cherry Nut / Fruit Wreath.

 Cherry Nut/Fruit Wreath 24"






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