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Dried Flower Descriptions

Lemon Leaf. Lemon leafs don't grow on lemon trees; they grow on the Salal tree. This leaf is very common in dried flower wreaths. Plant is grown on the Pacific coast. View a picture of a wreath made from lemon leaf.

Seeded Eucalyptus.View a picture of different types of seeded eucalyptus. (link deactivated).

Caspia.This flower is used as a filler for wreaths and other dried flower arrangements. View a picture of caspia.

Larkspur. See a picture of larkspur.

Lavender. Lavender is widely used in dried flower arrangements. See a description of the lavender plant on Wikipedia.

Gypsophila. Another name for this plant is "baby's breath". See a description of gypsophila on Wikipedia.

Barley Rye. Rye is commonly used in dried flower arrangements, wreaths, or wall-hangings. How do you tell the difference between barley, rye, and wheat?

Gomphrena. Or sometimes called Globe Amaranth.

Statice. This flower is commonly used in dried flower arrangements. There are lots of different types of statice. Read more here. Read how to dry statice flowers.

Peonies. Peonies are a seasonal crop but will last a long time in a dried flower arrangement.







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