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Dried Flower House
Brunswick, Maine


The Dried Flower House opened several years ago as a retail store in Brunswick, Maine. While the retail store (brick and mortar) and the online store are no longer in existence - the energy and the interests in dried flowers still resides in the owner and founder of the Dried Flower House. For this reason, the website remains as an Internet resource to those interested in dried flowers - whether it be to create their own arrangements, buy books on the subject, or to find a firm that does sell dried flower arrangements.

Each year, the Dried Flower House would hold special events for its friends and customer to help them prepare for the upcoming season. These events were the Fall Harvest, Christmas Open House, and Spring Time Show.

We will soon post pictures of these events. You wil be able to click on the links below to view some scenes of the Dried Flower House when it was a retail store in Brunswick, Maine.


Fall Harvest -  Fall 2000
Christmas Time - Holiday Season of 2000
Spring Time - Spring of 2001










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